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You want to build a mobile app. How do you get started? Let’s make this easy, here are a resource or two for each step.

Register for a Developer Account

  • https://developer.apple.com

Sketch you App

You probably need to give people an idea what your app’s all about. Draw them a pretty picture or two.

  • HotGloo.com
  • Balsamiq.com

Hire a Designer

  • Robin Crossman
  • Michael Morris

Hire an Animator

  • Jennie Cossack

Design a Launch Icon

  • Jon Conkling

Custom Music

  • The Methods
  • Mark Mars

Sound Effects

  • Free Sound.org
  • pacdv.com

Web Hosting Service

Some apps require data hosted somewhere. You’ll probably want a website to help promote your app too.

  • Go Daddy
  • MediaTemple

Raise Money

  • kickstarter.com
  • indiegogo.com

Mobile App Developer

  • StoneRaven.com
  • Hunkatech.com